In order to respect the choice of our customers and their satisfaction, the company’s technical support department is composed Pardis Industry. The goal of technical support, providing the necessary guidance to users and potential problems with relying on the expertise and experience of veteran and longtime provide the following services:

  • Installation, commissioning and functional training equipment,
  • Repair and servicing of devices provided
  • Consulting equipped laboratories and workshops and research and industrial

Pardis Industry participation in scientific centers and industrial units have continued. The company has equipped very large projects across the country.

For this reason, and to know the customers in this area and raise the scientific level of seminars and training courses are held frequency.

Technical support Pardis Industry to provide training, professors with experience in the field of vibration analysis that years of practice in the industry have benefited.

Courses and seminars in the field of vibration analysis has been held by the company.

Technical Support Unit of Pardis Industry

  • Expert engineers
  • Offering specialized courses in the manufacturers companies
  • Modern testing, measurement and diagnostics machines
  • Calibration equipment and archiving technical documents of associate companies
  • Technical support from partner companies

Technical services in the shortest time

  • Installation and training
  • Maintenance
  • Calibration in Iran
  • Calibration by sending equipment manufacturers authentic
  • The supply of spare parts
  • Responding to technical questions

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