Medical Sciences

Products and medical equipment industry campus

Sales, installation, commissioning, training, after sales service, maintenance and spare parts supply

Advanced medical equipment and devices


Pardis Sanat Amooz Novin (Pardis Industry Ltd.)

Provider of a wide range of medical equipment

Medical laboratory ، Safety and microbiology ، Spectroscopy

Surgery, rehabilitation, and microscopic Imaging

More than half a century of experience in active and useful

With the collaboration of numerous manufacturers and European, Japanese and Canadian accredited

A habitual presence in vital industries and universities in the country

Often served with the presence of continuous success in a large part of the

Laboratories, universities and hospitals such as spectroscopy ،

Affinity chromatography ، Serology and blood studies x-ray Analyzer

Extensive solutions for providers

A variety of advanced medical equipment

After sales service

The main objective of our permanent policy

To provide the best after sales service،

A permanent obligation to supply spare parts for all equipment

Taking advantage of the skilled professionals with a history of

Equipped shop for technical support companies

Installation, commissioning, training, maintenance and supply all parts and equipment

Medical education

Models and Anatomy teaching softwares

Medical practice and training models help primary update


Advanced ascop

Live in conditions of measurement devices

The help of the acquired and video light

Pharmacology and pharmacy

Medical laboratory

A poll



Cellular and molecular and medical genetics

Immunology and serology

Flow cytometry

Fluorescence and luminescence analyzers


Hematology analyzers

Devices for testing medical products

Test of the resistance of the packaging

Mechanical testing connectors, pins, katderha

Surgical instruments, including blades and drill resistance test

Test of bending and drawing from materials and artificial tissues

Drawing, bending and fatigue tests kashtni and protshai orthopedic

Test sticky sticky bonds

Test pull and push tear surgery fibers investigated

Bending test of hardness and dental materials

Surgery and electrosurgery

The help of the acquired and video light

Smart surgery systems

Invasive surgery (laparoscopy)

Surgical navigation systems

Medical Equipment

Active and passive implants


Imaging and image processing

Microscopic and Medical Optics

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