Sales, installation, commissioning, training, after-sales service, maintenance and supply of spare parts

Advanced manufacturing equipment and devices


Pardis Industry Ltd.

A leading provider of devices

Test, measurement, troubleshooting, training and laboratory

More than half a century of experience and active

In collaboration with several European manufacturers, Japanese and Canadian

Technical Support

The main objective of our ongoing policy

Provide the best after-sales service, permanent commitment to Spare parts supply all equipment

Taking advantage of experienced professionals

Repair for technical support with partner companies

Installation, commissioning, training, maintenance and supply of parts and equipment

A habitual presence in the industry and University

Often served with the presence of continuous success in industries

Oil, gas ، Petrochemical industries، Refineries ، Power plants ،

Steel, automotive, Telecom, electricity distribution

Continuous presence in the scientific and research centers, engineering and technical universities

Medical universities and vocational centers

Always plenty of effort to raise the quality level of service to all our customers

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